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Pat Parker

Sinister Wisdom with A Midsummer Night's Press will publish The Complete Works of Pat Parker in 2016. This is a much bigger project than anything we've done before. Editor Julie R. Enszer is still unearthing all sorts of things in the archives, so we don't yet know how big the final book will be nor all the good things it will contain.

To help support this project, even at this early stage, we've put together a special 56-page chapbook of Pat Parker's work, STRONG, with an original introduction by Cheryl Clarke, as a thank you for any donation over $15 (or $20 for non-US donations).

STRONG is ONLY available through Sinister Wisdom and A Midsummer Night's Press as part of this fundraising appeal.

Thanks in advance for both your support of this project and for helping to spread the word about it.

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