Sinister Wisdom 132: How Can a Woman Who is With a Trans Man Call Herself a Lesbian? returns with trans topics, giving voice to lesbians who have trans partners. Sinister Wisdom 132: How Can a Woman? opens with a stunning essay by Minnie Bruce Pratt from a manuscript titled Marrying Leslie that she was working on at the time of her death. The issue also offers incredible contributions from great writers like Kimberly Dark, Mary Vermillion, Suzanne DeWitt Hall, Deanna Armenti, and more. Sinister Wisdom 132: How Can a Woman? features a selection of photographs by Jan Phillips and new writing by a range of known and emerging lesbian writers such as Alix L. Olson, Jenny Johnson, Liz Ahl, Monica Barron, Janet Mason, Joyce Culver, Nancy Stoller, and more. The issue concludes with remembrances, including a stunning poem by Evelyn C. White.

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"Empowerment comes from ideas."

Gloria Anzaldúa

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― Charlene Carruthers

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— Leila Raven