Sinister Wisdom 68/69: Death, Grief and Surviving

Death, Grief and Surviving
Judith K. Witherow and Sue Lenaerts, Guest Editors

Sinister Wisdom 68/69: Death, Grief and Surviving makes it clear that we need to define what is required to help one another surpass unnecessary mental and physical suffering. Too many times planning is either neglected or done in such a way that the medical establishment won't adhere to the wishes of either partner. If anyone decides that an issue about death, grief and surviving is too depressing to read, she will miss a major chance to understand how this threesome profoundly affects Lesbians.

Creative Work By

Pam McAllister
Meredith Pond
Carolyn Gage
Susan Eschbach
Kamila Rina
Riggin Waugh
Pat Browne
Maria Fama
Tee A. Corinne
Mitchelle Sewell
Tita Caldwell
Janet E. Aalfs
Meredith Pond
Shan Casey
Janet Mason
Riggin Waugh
Judy Freespirit
Joan Annsfire
Marcia Perlstein
Judith K. Witherow

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