Sinister Wisdom 74: Latina Lesbians

Latina Lesbians

Sinister Wisdom 74: Latina Lesbians is dedicated to: the memory of all the Latina lesbians who have come before us; incarcerated women, who comprise a third of Sinister Wisdom's readership; and those who, inside or outside the closet, continue to struggle around the world for our voices to be heard and our rights respected.

Creative Work By

Maya chinchilla
chastity Rodríguez
Norma Mogrovejo
T. Jackie Cuevas
Christina Izaguirre
Rosita Ángulo Libre
de Marulanda
Lidia Tirado Tirado
Patricia Karina Vergara Sánchez
Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa
Yarimee Guttiérrez
Nicole Esquibel
Randi M. Romo
Patricia Contreras Flores

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"Empowerment comes from ideas."

Gloria Anzaldúa

"Your silence will not protect you."

Audre Lorde

"Live your lives, honorably and with dignity."

Andrea Dworkin