Lesbian Resistance 2018

This special selection of three issues invites lesbians to prepare ourselves and our communities to continue as a part of the resistance, especially in the run up to the 2018 election. The Lesbian Resistance 2018 package includes three issues of Sinister Wisdom: Sinister Wisdom 45: Lesbians & Class, a profound and meaningful exploration of class issues in the lesbian community; Sinister Wisdom 46: Dyke Lives with inspiring pieces of resisting authority, patriarchy, and heterosexism; and Sinister Wisdom 62: Lesbian Writers on Writing and Reading with extraordinary essays on the power of literature as a form of resistance and renewal.

Sinister Wisdom is offering the package at two rates: $4.00 which covers the cost of postage only and $10.00 which covers postage and a small contribution to keep the journal going. Make your selection and I'll post these issues to you without delay. Order a set for you--and a set to share with a friend. We need lesbian words and ideas now more than ever to turn the political tide. Here's to Lesbian Resistance 2018!
SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for our next special back issue selection!


"Empowerment comes from ideas."

Gloria AnzaldĂșa

"Your silence will not protect you."

Audre Lorde

"Live your lives, honorably and with dignity."

Andrea Dworkin