Rainbow Williams Reviews Sinister Wisdom 93!

We are so honored to share this review of SINISTER WISDOM Issue 93, Southern Lesbian Feminist Herstory, 1968-94 from Rainbow Williams, SW contributor and member of Old Lesbians Organizing for Change!


Excuse me while I puff a bit. SINISTER WISDOM magazine has published Southern Lesbian Feminist Herstory, 1968-94, edited by Rose Norman and Merrill Mushroom.
It’s thick and juicy, and I’m devouring it. Lots of FLORIDA, the birthplace GAINESVILLE, 1968, when Judith Brown (who I met once when she visited Nancy Breeze) and her partners, Kathie Sarachild and Carol Hanisch, who wrote the FORMULA of Consciousness Raising: sit in a Circle, go around one at a time, speak from your heart. The fully democratic method that led us into TRUTH in 1968.

I was about to “come out” 1969, in an Orlando suburb, where I would join NOW and find it too straight to suit my overnight LESBIAN sensation. It took 36 years for me to get there, but then I stuck. I loved to travel weekends to Gainesville, where they had a vibrant community that I could soak in. Many were also taking strength from the beach community, Pagoda, where 12 cottages by the sea inspired one of the first Lesbian Lands. The first was North Forty, twenty minutes outside Gvle, where in 1972 a few bought some pineywoods and began to build their own domes and trailers and such. Amazingly, there are still some of the orginals there. Corky, Dore, Pat, Rockstar, and others. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING IN THE WATER, thought Ponce De Leon all those years ago. And Lesbian Feminists are living proof. Fed by the University of Florida, who hired some great thinkers, mainly in the Child Psychology Dept, such as Bylly Avery, Margaret Parish, and Judith Brown, who created the Womens Health Center, and taught the Shans Hospital Doctors how to treat women. The BIRTH CENTER was where you could find the Heart of Dixie Dykes. I met many of them on the PEACEWALK of 1983-4, from Gainesville to KeyWest. A parade of scraggly dedicated protestors who had bonded in jail, six JANE DOES who refused to give their names and learned how to meditate together and plan further actions, LEAP 1 and 2, and on and on. Many went to WOMONWRITES every summer practice their skills. 1979 was the first. This is the birthplace of the idea of the Herstory, and SINISTER WISDOM magazine has agreed to publish number 93.
In these pages, I find old friends like Corky Circledance, a published poet, and PHD. So is Ronni Sanlo, PHD, and published and publisher. Attorney Garnett Harrison.
FIERY FEMINISTS from FLORIDA who fired the shot heard round our world.

HOW PROUD AM I? Bust a gut!

I hope you will read it too, sooner the better."

Find this powerful issue here: http://sinisterwisdom.org/SW93 and keep sharing the love!

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