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Metro DC OLOC chapter meeting.

Our first event will be getting together at the Nikki Giovanni reading at Busboys and Poets in DC on November 29th (5th and K St, NW, 6 pm). Look for Deb Morris, Deb Friedman, Sue Lenaerts and Judith K. Witherow. (Carol Anne Douglas can't be with us for this great event).
The reading of Nikki's new book "Chasing Utopia" is great. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy.
If anyone wants to join the chapter or attend events get in touch with Carol Anne Douglas or Deb Friedman. Both are on Facebook.
Judith K. Witherow

Quiet Mountain Essays is now online

The new issue of QME is out! Dr. Lamya Ramadan reports from the crisis in Egypt; Judith K. Witherow shares an intimate talk with Andrea Dworkin; and Juana Ortiz chronicles conquering Cerebral Palsy. Also, the Fall interview with Cherokee activist Pamela Kingfisher. Please, Read On!

From the editor of Welfare Warriors.

Rape by ultrasound machine is not enough for Texas boys, they are also raping women digitally on the highway in full view of everyone. Since women have been raped at traffic stops (no crime and no ticket) both in the Northern part of Texas AND in the south, it appears to be a state wide practice. They call in a woman cop to do the dirty deed in public and she wears the same glove to rape two women anally AND vaginally (from anus to vagina). Not only rape but filthy ignorant contamination.

I guess the guys in Milwaukee raped by cops on the street were lucky they didn't have a second opening to contaminate after the anal rape.

Welfare Warriors

Pink Saris Documentary

Gulabi Gang---Sampat Pal leader.


Andrea Dworkin's works


The Facebook link to find the complete works of one of our greatest writers.


Welfare Warriors on Facebook

Pat Gowens has been publishing "Mother Warriors Voice" for at least 27 years. Check out this vital newspaper. She is a contributing author to Sinister Wisdom.

Shedocs Online Women's Film Festival

online film festival one month

A site on the net #SheDocs is hosting an online film festival
for a month. A film Festival that brings you the best independent
documentaries that tell the stories of women and girls defying odds
and rising to leadership positions throughout history -


there's a terrific document called Makers history of the women's
movement in the US - first 50 years.

OSCARS 2013--Continuing lack of women nominees

Last year, there were six Academy Awards categories with no women
nominated at all. This year, that figure is up to seven. The numbers
tell their own story: across all categories, 2013 nominees total 140
men and just 35 women.

In a film industry where 78% of the top-grossing 250 films of 2012 had
no female writers, and 89% of them had no female directors, the
Hollywood boys’ club needs to start admitting women. Watch and tweet
along with us womensmediacenter.com
as we tell the film industry that women deserve more work in Hollywood,
and more recognition for the work that they get.

For equality,
Julie Burton
President, Women’s Media Center

Julia Penelope is no longer with us--1/19/2013

For a number of years, my wife Sue Lenaerts and I had been in touch with Julia monthly or more. We thought that it was important that someone of such value did not get lost in anonymity. We corresponded by mail and email about the simple things in life. Julia once wrote me that she was holding her truck together with duct tape. That statement never ceases to cause me to smile.
She was definitely a scholar ahead of her time with lesbian feminist politics and studies. The women's movement owes a forever thanks to this amazing woman.
Julia sent me a picture of her wolf/dog Gabriel for use on my website. This happened after I told her the name of my site was "Wailing with the Wolves."
We will miss you forever Julia. Rise in Peace.
Judith K. Witherow


SW contributor, Janet Mason and friends upcoming readings.

I wanted to let you know about a few readings from Tea Leaves that are coming up soon -- one in Center City Philadelphia this Friday, October 19th. Details are below. Also, last but certainly not least, I wanted to let you know about the latest issue of amusejanetmason.com My featured review is of October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shephard -- a world brought to is in poetry -- by Leslea Newman. This review was aired this past week on This Way Out, the international LGBT news syndicate based in Los Angeles.


October 19th - 7 to 9 pm

Good Karma Cafe
at 10th and Pine Sts. (19107)
Center City Philadelphia
(with Jim Cory and Maria Fama)

November 10th - Saturday - 5:30 to 7 pm

Giovanni's Room Bookstore
(with Maria Fama and Al Tacconelli - A Closer Look)
At 12th & Pine Streets in Philly's "Gayborhood" in Center City
345 South 12th Street Philadelphia, PA 19107


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Gloria Anzaldúa

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Audre Lorde

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Andrea Dworkin