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Woman Stirred radio discussion

On Thursday--9/13 I had an enjoyable and informative time with Merry Gangemi. The discussion was pretty much all over the place, as is my speaking style. I'm a storyteller, and it's difficult to follow a set line of question and answers. It's truly a relief when the person directing the interview allows the words to just flow. I would like to answer a question Merry asked about what I might be working on. A number of friends and others have poetry in a anthology just released. The name is "How Can You Say We Are Not Related." Suzanne Sunshower has been the driving force in making the book a reality. A number of lesbians have poetry in the anthology. G.L. Morrison, Meredith Pond, Carol Anne Douglas, Janet Mason, Sally Brunk, etc. We will be setting up readings, and selling the book to help others get their poetry published.
Thanks Merry for your kindness and interest in shining a light on the issue of those of us who are two spirited.

Woman Stirred radio--Judith K. Witherow 9/13

I'll be on Merry's show for awhile this Thursday. I'm waiting for the Spirits to tell me what we'll be talking about. Join us.

Poets Janet Aalfs, Sally Bellerose and Deanna Nikado at Red Emma's

Tuesday Sep 25, 7PM @ Red Emma's : Poetry at Red Emma's! With Janet Aalfs, Sally Bellerose, and Deanna Nikaido

Red Emma's is excited to host an evening of strong female voices, as we celebrate the release of three new books with a joint reading featuring:

Janet Aalfs, the former poet laureate of Northampton, Massachusetts, whose work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. Creatively honest, lyric and imagistic, her latest book of poetry is Bird of a Thousand Eyes.

Sally Bellerose, who was awarded a Fellowship in Literature from the National Endowment for the Arts to complete her first novel, The Girls' Club - a phenomenal 70s-era working-class lesbian coming out story - out now from Bywater Books.

Baltimore-based poet Deanna Nikaido, who will read from her newest collection of poetry Voice Like Water, which is perhaps better described as a poetic conversation, a string of unembellished moments passing through the fingers like beads or drops of water.

Don't miss this lovely event!

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Red Emma's is open Monday through Friday from 10AM-10PM, Saturday from 10AM-8PM, and Sunday from 10AM-6PM. Our weekly collective meetings are Sunday at 7PM, and are open to anyone interested in the project, except for the first Sunday of every month, which is closed to everyone except collective members.
Red Emma's is part of IU 660 of the Industrial Workers of the World, one of the only unions to recognize that worker collectives can stand in solidarity with those fighting the bosses as part of one big union.


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