La Caminata Fundraiser and Pilgrimage

Hola mi Familia Arco Iris,

Greetings from Santuario Arco Iris.

For 39 years now, every Spring our Grandmothers and community members meet to walk the boundary of our Sacred wilderness sanctuary in a blessing ceremony, La Caminata de Arco Iris. We warmly invite you to participate in this spiritual pilgrimage to bless these Sacred mountains and pray to give thanks to our Mother Earth for her beauty and the many gifts She freely gives us daily.

La Caminata Community Day is this Saturday, March 19th at Noon. La Caminata begins with a 3.5 mile walk on a forest trail. If you choose to participate, please bring a small backpack, drinking water, snacks, and wear appropriate hiking clothes and shoes. There is a potluck after the ceremony and you are welcome to bring food to share.

This year we would like to give you the opportunity to contribute financially toward preparation for La Caminata.

I have been hesitant to reach out to our larger community in the past, but it has now become necessary to ask for financial assistance to help with our operating costs. Even though many folks Volunteer their time to do trail maintenance, preparing for La Caminata still requires money and many resources: our 4X4 truck must be maintained, and we must buy fuel, chainsaws, tools, materials, lunches for volunteers and pay salaries for specialized labor. This year we need to ask you to contribute to OUR land and OUR ceremony.

Please consider donating so we can continue our sacred duty and uphold our mission.

A gift of any amount goes a long way.

There are three ways to donate to La Caminata or Arco Iris Earth Care Project:

1. To donate via PayPal, Click this Link
2. To donate via CashApp, use our CashTag: $AIECP
3. To donate via check, please make the check out to "Arco Iris Earth Care Project" and mail to:

Arco Iris Earth Care Project Treasurer
176 Holly Street
Huntsville, AR 72740

Tlatzokamati (deepest appreciation),
Maria Christina Moroles, Aguila
Resident Steward and President, Arco Iris

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